Construction/Engineering Inspector

SEMSWA has an immediate opening for a full-time, non-exempt Construction/Engineering Inspector position. Performs technical inspections, with an emphasis on land development, public works, capital construction, and utility projects, including inspection of stormwater infrastructure, public improvements, permanent water quality facilities, and associated grading, erosion, and sediment control best management practices.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:

• Inspects and oversees all aspects of the construction and installation of public infrastructure, including storm sewer pipe, inlets, manholes, and outfalls, and MS4 Permit infrastructure, including permanent water quality facilities.

• Inspects and oversees many aspects of SEMSWA Capital Improvement and Maintenance projects, including storm sewer replacement, channel and bank stabilization, and regional detention pond restoration and/or construction.

• Inspects construction sites for adherence to Grading, Erosion, and Sedimentation Control (GESC) criteria related to residential/commercial development, capital improvements projects, and repair and restoration of public facilities.

• Maintains detailed inspection records, both written and electronically, and ensures that daily field reports are complete and accurate, with documented records on quantity take-offs for review of pay applications, as appropriate.

• Observes and ensures that infrastructure is installed in accordance with the standard details, specifications, approved plans, and common construction practices, and interprets specifications to ensure conformance to standards. Ensures that stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) to meet MS4 Permit requirements are properly installed and maintained per approved drawings.

• Checks line, grade, size, elevation and locations of structures, and records field changes for “as-built” drawings on field plan sets; ensures that the contractor or engineer are recording
the changes.

• Performs probationary and final acceptance inspections of public improvements associated with stormwater infrastructure and calculates collateral reductions and releases. Completes all paperwork and reports necessary for project acceptance.

• Responds to public inquiries and complaints concerning non-functioning storm drainage, uncontrolled construction site run-off, and potential Illicit Discharges, and provides field solutions, education, and/or enforcement as required.

• Attends project construction and coordination meetings and provides expertise to engineers, contractors, developers, and utility contractors related to SEMSWA requirements.

• Coordinates construction activities with outside agencies.

• Drives a motor vehicle to multiple job sites daily to perform inspections of maintenance, construction, infrastructure, and other projects.

• Performs other duties as assigned.

Key Competencies:

• Specific knowledge of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment requirements governing construction sites, and general knowledge of standards and MS4 Permit regulatory programs, including compliance inspection and enforcement escalation mechanisms.

• General knowledge of principles and practices of civil engineering, with an emphasis in stormwater quality, environmental permitting, construction run-off control, and permanent water quality treatment BMPs.

• General knowledge of methods, materials, and techniques used in the design, construction and maintenance of stormwater infrastructure and water quality BMPs associated with land
development and other construction projects, including CDOT, MPEG, UDFCD standards and protocols.

• Specific knowledge of modern developments, current literature, and sources of information regarding design, implementation, and maintenance of stormwater quality BMPs and GESC

• Knowledge of, or ability to learn, Arapahoe County, City of Centennial, and water and/or special district maps, and County/Centennial roadway network.

• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, contractors, other professionals, and the general public; ability to communicate enforcement actions to meet permit requirements.

• Ability to use and operate computers and related software, specifically competent at word processing and records management software.

• Ability to make basic engineering computations to verify engineering plans, studies, profiles, and maps.

• Ability to interpret engineering plans, profiles, and reports, specifically understanding of topographical and/or water level contours as they apply to drainage at a site.

• Ability to acquire and apply knowledge of the specific area of engineering work to which assigned.