Engineer 2 or 3


The primary duties of an Engineer II are as follows:

  • Performs engineering work with a focus on Development review.   Applies knowledge of engineering principles and practices in the areas of roadway design, storm drainage, water quality, pavement design, traffic engineering, utilities, subdivision and zoning regulations, and construction standards.  
  • Coordinates engineering project on behalf of the County; may serve as a project engineer on large projects and a project manager on small projects.
  • Writes specifications, prepare plans, and calculate cost estimates for various engineering projects.
  • Administers and enforces County codes and standards on engineering projects.
  • Performs complex engineering calculations.
  • Performs plan checks to ensure contractor compliance with County specifications.
  • Responds directly to citizen complaints concerning engineering problems.  
  • Represents County or Department at various design and construction review meetings.
  • Reviews subdivision construction plans.  Analyzes materials and design data.
  • Designs and prepares plans and specifications and cost estimates for public work and utilities projects; researches project design requirements; performs complex calculations and prepare estimates of time and material costs.
  • Develops revised design and construction standards for public works structures and appurtenances.
  • Investigates field problems affecting property owners, contractors, and maintenance operations.
  • Participates in the plan check, review, and the processing and of reports and plans for private developments affecting county streets, sewers, drains and related public works facilities and ensure that they meet all County requirements.
  • Serves as staff to a variety of County commissions, boards, and committees on public works or engineering matters.

The primary duties of an Engineer III are as follows:

  • Performs engineering work in the design, investigation, and construction of public works and utility projects.  Applies extensive and diversified knowledge of engineering principles and practices in broad areas of assignments and related fields.  
  • Provides project management or project engineering of various types of public works projects.
  • As individual researcher or worker, carries out complex or novel assignments requiring the development of new or improved techniques and procedures.
  • As staff specialist, develops and evaluates plans and criteria for a variety of projects and activities to be carried out by others.
  • Supervises the development of designs, plans, specifications, and estimates for the construction of public works/utilities projects.
  • Inspects project sites to assist in solution of difficult problems; interprets specifications and County policy and makes change orders.
  • Reviews construction plans prepared by private engineers.  Checks computations and specified materials for accuracy and compliance with regulations.
  • Upgrades County standard plans and specifications and design criteria manuals.
  • May serve as staff to a variety of County commissions, internal and external boards and committees on public works/utilities engineering matters.
  • Participates in the selection and supervision of private professional consultants for the development of plans, specifications, studies, and reports.
  • Coordinates engineering-related activities with other County departments, divisions, and sections and with outside agencies.
  • Develops, recommends, and implements engineering policies and procedures.
  • Represents County or Department at various design and construction meetings.



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