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DOTI’s Commitment to Equity:

  • DOTI is committed to providing attention and resources to the areas, assets, and people of the city with the greatest need. Through equitable contracting, equitable investments, and equitable workforce development.

  • DOTI’s culture revolves around four key principles: (1) Invest in Our People, (2) Operate with Discipline, (3) Use Data to Drive Decisions, and (4) Deliver Results.


The Right-of-Way Services (ROWS) division of DOTI is seeking two (2) full-time Floodplain Senior Engineers within our Engineering and Regulatory (ER) Water Resources Team.


One position is intended to support the City’s new Waterway Resiliency (WATR) Program. The WATR program is a long-term effort with the US Army Corps of Engineers to restore the ecosystem on 6.5 miles of the South Platte River and reduce flood risk on Weir Gulch and Harvard Gulch tributaries. The Floodplain Senior Engineer will serve in a floodplain management support role representing DOTI and collaborating with project partners and stakeholders to deliver a successful WATR program. This Floodplain Senior Engineer position will also perform other floodplain, water resources, and/or general engineering functions when not occupied with WATR.


This is a 10-year limited term position ending 12/31/2032.


The second position is a permanent position intended to perform routine floodplain management, water resources, and/or general engineering business on the ER-Water Resources Team. This position may be involved with the WATR Program to some extent, but the amount of participation in that program and associated projects is uncertain at this time.


The services offered by our ER team include evaluation of capital projects, utility projects, and land use proposals in the public right-of-way (ROW) against City, State and Federal rules, regulations, policies, and procedures while promoting excellent coordination between a multitude of projects and stakeholders. Few other divisions of DOTI are involved in such a large variety of exciting and challenging projects, types of public space activities and uses, the myriad of stakeholders, and we are regularly called upon to solve unique and nonstandard problems.


Specifically, the ER Water Resources Team manages the City’s floodplain review/permit resources through inspections and program management. Permits and inspections are required to ensure safety regulations are being met and the City’s floodplain management program is meeting FEMA and State requirements and expectations.

As a Floodplain Senior Engineer, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Provide floodplain management support for the WATR program.

  • Serve as a technical expert in hydrology and hydraulics (H&H) and/or floodplain management.

  • Provide technical review and comment on engineering plans, specifications, and reports for a wide variety of development to ensure applicable safety and environmental regulations are followed. Typical projects/review types include, but are not limited to: City capital, outside agency, utility, and private development projects.

  • Occasionally perform field inspections to review site construction as appropriate to ensure compliance with approved plans and regulations. Document findings through photos, measurements, and reporting.

  • Become a technical subject matter expert who assists on projects requiring special attention due to uniqueness, size, complexity, contentiousness and/or of high consequence.

  • Assist City’s Floodplain Administrator in managing the use of the regulatory floodplain in accordance with City’s Floodplain Ordinance. Common tasks include, but are not limited to, permitting, reporting, program audits, and process improvements.

  • Provide technical review and comment on flood studies (MHFD FHAD, FEMA CLOMR/LOMR, FEMA PMR, etc.) and master planning documents (MHFD OSP/MDP, City SDMP, etc.).

  • Answer public inquiries and provide information related to flood risk, regulations, mitigation options, flood insurance, etc.

  • Utilize standard GIS mapping & City cartography applications, including ArcGIS Pro, to perform spatial analysis and create information products to inform decisions. Occasionally review, maintain, and enhance GIS data collected from applicant(s) and partner agencies and develop necessary GIS resources to benefit the team and others.

  • Assist with review and approval of right-of-way encroachments, right-of-way vacations, easement relinquishments, and wireless small cellular (aka 5G) installations.

  • Cross train other staff members in specific areas of expertise.

  • Occasionally research and develop policies, procedures, rules, regulations, guidelines, inter-agency agreements, and standards and details to effectively represent requirements of DOTI.

  • Express ideas and creativity while being part of an evolving and dynamic team with exposure across many City interests.

  • Effectively advocate for safety, sustainability, and resiliency for the City and our citizens.

  • Regularly collaborate with applicant, project managers, consultants, contractors, City staff, and the public to resolve plan review comments, provide process and technical guidance, and minimize regulatory and field conflicts.

  • Demonstrate skill in applying a “common sense” and collaborative approach to navigating and resolving challenging and/or contentious situations. Regularly simplify issues with clearly written summaries.

  • Leverage leadership and innovation skills in decision making to address a variety of case-by-case scenarios while meeting department and division values and goals.

  • Provide additional engineering regulatory review/support and perform other duties, as assigned.


About You

  • Bachelor’s, or higher degree, in Civil or Water Resources related Engineering field.

  • Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) certification.

  • At least five (5) years of stormwater and/or floodplain related engineering experience.

  • At least three (3) years of experience in H&H modeling for a variety of flood projects/studies including preparation and/or review of associated reports.

  • Experience working on large-scale water resource related programs/projects, preferably waterway restoration and/or major flood mitigation work.

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) experience including desktop and web-based applications.

  • Experience in design, plan review, inspections, and/or construction of municipal project components such as: drainageways, wet utilities, temporary and post-construction water quality, transportation (road/rail/bike/ped) facilities, and dry utilities.

  • Experience in design, plan review, inspections, and/or construction of vertical development such as residential, commercial, and industrial buildings including associated site development. This includes broad knowledge of the various disciplines (architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.) associated with building design and construction.

  • Experience in design, plan review, inspections, and/or construction of structural flood control systems such as levees and dams.

  • Working knowledge of National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and Community Rating System (CRS).

  • Understanding of general principles, practices, and regulations of Transportation and Utility engineering and construction with educational and/or work experience in design, review and/or inspection of transportation/roadway and/or utility plans to support broader ER needs as needed.

  • Embrace change and demonstrate ability to quickly pivot, as is often necessary in our environment.

  • Passion for excellent customer service; adding value to the City, DOTI, and our customers.

  • Experience in managing sensitive public engagement activities and demonstrate flexibility and ease in interactions with diverse groups of stakeholders.

  • Demonstrate initiative and deconfliction skills in performing assigned duties, identifying challenges and solutions, and supporting ER values and goals.

  • Possess ability to provide support to management and assemble data-driven technical reporting.

  • Computer software skills should include ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro, AutoCAD Civil 3d, HEC-HMS, CUHP/SWMM, HEC-RAS, various databases, and other common business technology solutions.

  • A working knowledge of, but not necessarily proficiency in, 2d modeling programs (Flo-2d, HEC-RAS-2d, SRH-2d, Tuflow, etc.).

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