MS4 Construction Program Manager (MCPM) & MS4 Construction Support Manager (MCSM)

About the Work Unit
CDOT’s Division of Transportation Development (DTD), Environmental Programs Branch's (EPB’s) Water Quality Construction Support Section assists, supports and ensures uniformity with CDOT construction, maintenance and planning activities with compliance of the broad range of state, federal and local regulations, executive orders, interagency agreements, standard operating procedures and CDOT policies which support the protection and enhancement of the environment. Staff members establish CDOT’s policy for environmental issues, conduct scientific investigations, develop mitigation strategies to avoid or minimize harmful environmental impacts, prepare professional reports and guidance documents, develop and provide trainings, and conduct interagency negotiations which result in necessary approvals to complete CDOT activities. EPB also ensures that environmental issues are addressed in each of the Department's five decentralized Transportation Regions and nine Maintenance Sections.

About the Positions
The statewide Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Construction Program Manager (MCPM) is to manage CDOT’s MS4 Construction Program in partnership with the MS4 Construction Support Manager (MCSM).   The MCPM is responsible for maintaining compliance and uniformity of the MS4 Construction Program for CDOT, while the MCSM is responsible for supporting the MS4 personnel in achieving compliance and uniformity of the MS4 Construction Program.  Both the MCPM and MCSM work in partnership to achieve these goals.   



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