Project Engineer I

Highlands Ranch Metro District, serving the community of Highlands Ranch, CO is seeking an experienced Project Engineer
to join our Public Works team in the management of a wide range of Capital Projects.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Manage design and construction contracts for new facilities and major renovation projects
• Representative projects include building construction or renovation, drainage facilities including channel
improvements, stormwater management, and miscellaneous concrete structures including pavement and trail
• Work closely with the Public Works, Parks, and Finance Staff to provide project management and engineering
services on major capital projects.
• Report to the Engineering Manager and assist with the preparation of contract documents, consultant proposals
and bid submissions and make recommendations for award of projects
• Provide on-site inspection services in collaboration with consultants for the construction of facilities.
• Coordinate and manage the budget, schedules and deliverables for project deliverables.
• As a member of the Public Works Engineering Staff, collaborate on design and construction projects impacting the
community of Highlands Ranch.
• Assists in developing and managing programs for compliance with the District’s stormwater MS4 permit and
documentation for compliance



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