Stormwater Quality Coordinator

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DOTI’s Commitment to Equity:

  • DOTI is committed to providing attention and resources to the areas, assets, and people of the city with the greatest need.  Through equitable contracting, equitable investments, and equitable workforce development.

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The Wastewater Management Division, part of the City and County of Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, maintains more than 1,500 miles of sanitary sewer and more than 800 miles of storm drainage underground lines and pipes.


The Wastewater Management Stormwater Quality team is seeking a full-time, unlimited Stormwater Quality Coordinator to join their team. This position will be responsible for supporting the administration of the largest Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) in the State of Colorado, striving the team to be on the leading edge of water quality innovations needed to maintain the City and County of Denver under compliance with current and future MS4 permit requirements.


As a Stormwater Quality Coordinator, duties would include:

  • Coordinates the development, implementation, and on-going improvement of MS4 Programs

  • Provide extensive water quality knowledge of pre and post construction control measures to help develop, implement, and innovate new practices as needed to adapt to future water quality requirements

  • Prepare documents, forms, and necessary record keeping for compliance with the MS4 Permit, which may include: Program Description Documents, MS4 annual report, standard operating procedures, outreach and training materials, and summary reports

  • Collaborate and provide technical assistance to other city departments surrounding stormwater quality and management

  • Manage contracts needed to comply with facets of the MS4 permit

  • Asist in the negotiation of permit renewals and modifications with the State



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