Technical Manager - Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority

The Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority (CCBWQA) is exploring the feasibility of retaining a firm or individual to serve as the CCBWQA’s Technical Manager, with the duties and responsibilities as described in more detail in the attached Job Description (3-pages). Interested applicants should submit a Statement of Interest and Qualifications (SOI) by noon on January 17, 2022 to:

Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority
Management Committee

The SOI shall be no more than two pages (in pdf) and shall provide the following minimum information:

1. Experience in coordinating and managing technical consultants with expertise in the area of reservoir water quality, stream reclamation, and stormwater runoff quality.
2. Experience working with the board of directors of governmental or quasi-governmental agencies.
3. Hours of availability on a weekly basis
4. Range of time expected to perform tasks identified in the Job Description on a monthly basis.
5. Hourly billing rate(s)

Applicant’s information provided in the SOI will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law. SOI’s will be reviewed by the CCBWQA Management Committee and recommendations presented to the Board of Directors at the January 20, 2022 regular meeting during an Executive Session. Recommendations on how to proceed will be announced at the January 20,
2022 meeting and may include directions to interview selected candidates or negotiate an agreement with a selected candidate.

The CCBWQA reserves the right to reject any or all candidates.

Closing Date