E&O Committee Update - Trashcan Cleaning

There are cleaning instructions printed on most curbside trashcans (see image attached) that may be misleading so we are encouraging CSC members to adopt the following Residential and Commercial Tips to avoid encouraging residents to rinse their trash cans on the curbside as pollutants such as e-Coli, harsh cleaners, oils, etc may impact water quality.

Residential Tip:

Do not rinse your trashcan outdoors since the rinsed wastewater may impact water quality. There are unknown pollutants and bacteria inside them, and the discharge may reach the street gutter. Disregard any printed cleaning instructions on your curbside trashcans. You may contact your trash collection provider in case they are able to swap it for a clean one.

Commercial Tip:

Do not powerwash drive-thru, nor dumpster areas without collecting the soapy wastewater, and disposing it properly to protect the environment. Consult with a licensed professional prior performing outdoor washing activities and establish clear standard operation procedures for employees.

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